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Plugs and moulds 1

Plugs and moulds

Production of high-quality components goes all the way back to high quality plugs. Defects in plugs will be visible in the moulds which again will be visible in each component.
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Parts 1

Composite parts

At Comaxel we produce a variety of different elements for clients all over Europe. Our smallest parts are glass fibre washers made of epoxy glass fibres with thickness from 5mm up to 50mm.
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Mega structures 1

Mega structures

At Comaxel we produce very large structures rising to the biggest Flettner rotors ever produced worldwide.
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Go green 1

Recycling – Go Green

At Comaxel we try to do a difference when it comes to recycle materials from different industries. For instance, our production of epoxy glass fibre sheets made of bi-products from the wind turbine industry.
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Sheets 1

Composite sheets

Besides our recycled sheets we have developed a fast way of producing composite sheets with core materials for strong but lightweight structures.
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Comaxel: Who We Are

Comaxel Spółka z ograniczona odpowiedzialnością was established 2013 in Goldap, Warmian Masurian. Located in the most beautiful area of Poland surrounded by lakes and forests.

Comaxel Spółka z ograniczoną odpowiedzialnością was established in 2013 in Goldap, Warmian Masurian, Poland – a picturesque region renowned for its stunning lakes and lush forests, providing an idyllic backdrop for our operations.

At present, our team comprises nearly 100 dedicated individuals, collectively striving to deliver premium-quality products to our esteemed clients across Europe. Housed within our expansive 5000m2 production facilities, equipped with state-of-the-art 10mt traverse cranes, we ensure efficient and precise manufacturing processes. Our new head quarter warmly welcomes our guests and our new production facility is equipped presses, large scale beam saw, CNC machinery for kitting and milling robot making Comaxel able to handle any request of modelling and mould production.

Our product portfolio predominantly revolves around utilizing epoxy, glass, and carbon fibers, constituting approximately 99% of our supply materials. We boast a diverse range of offerings, catering to every conceivable demand of our clientele. From the fabrication of intricate glass fiber washers to the monumental achievement of producing 35m Flettner rotors – the largest ever manufactured globally – we continually push the boundaries of innovation and excellence. Highest quality CSC approved composite sea containers approved for pay load above 28 ton. Advanced epoxy/carbon booms for sailing yachts. High end Composite wing sails up to 40m in height. Advanced composite climate solution regulating water flow during flooding. Carbon part production for a broad spectrum of clients.

Proto typing and development:
Central to our ethos is the unwavering commitment to shepherd an idea from conception to fruition. With an extensive wealth of expertise in prototyping, we offer comprehensive services encompassing design, engineering, plug and mould creation, prototype development, in-process testing, and production setup.

Ensuring transparency and accountability, we meticulously document every facet of our production process. Each component manufactured by Comaxel comes with complete documentation, securely stored on our Client Shared Servers (CSS) as part of our robust Project Management Program.

Beyond our dedication to craftsmanship, we are deeply invested in fostering a culture of environmental stewardship and safety consciousness. With utmost reverence for our natural surroundings, we prioritize sustainable production practices and prioritize the safety and well-being of our workforce. One result is that we reduce our carbon footprint by thousands of tons per year, only using sustainable power based on wind, solar and water for our production. Comaxel takes pride in its adherence to industry-leading standards, holding certifications across the board, including ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015, and ISO 45001:2018.

Furthermore, we are privileged to collaborate with esteemed partners hailing from Finland, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Switzerland, Austria, Italy, Germany, France, Lithuania and Poland, fostering mutually beneficial relationships that underscore our global reach and influence.

Project under the 15th competition of the EUROSTARS-2 program.

Our Team at Comaxel



Michael Rann

Co-Founder, CEO

One of the two owners of Comaxel Spółka z ograniczona odpowiedzialnością. Holder of a Master of Science degree in Chemical Engineering. Michael has been working with composite structures and processes for more than 20 years and is head of all technical relations and project managements.

Katarzyna Gorska

Co-Founder, Administration

One of the two owners of Comaxel Spółka z ograniczona odpowiedzialnością. Holder of a Bachelor degree in Business Economics. Kasia has been working with composites for more than 15 years and knows well the different products and processes.



Ewelina Brodowska


Ewelina is responsible for overseeing accounting operations. With 15 years of experience in the profession, she is the right person for the right job. She ensures that all financial transactions are properly recorded and reported in a timely manner, and often plays an active role in developing and implementing the company’s overall accounting strategy.

Katarzyna Milewska

Human Resources

Katarzyna manages the human resources department, as well as maintaining employee time records and time accounting, and calculating salaries. Together with our health and safety team and external consultants, she oversees the occupational health and safety system.

Beata Jaworowska

Supply Specialist

More than 20 years of experience in the profession. High organizational skills and a treasure trove of knowledge. It is Beata who, thanks to the knowledge she has accumulated over the years, is the essential link in the supply chain at Comaxel, on a daily basis she is the one who deals with suppliers and monitors orders.

Rafał Chojnowski


The integrity of technology at Comaxel is handled by Rafal. He is the one who makes the seal on computer hardware, software, telecommunications, data communications.


Jakob Lorentsen


descriptions – work in progress

Karol Budrowski


descriptions – work in progress

Piotr Laskowski


M.Sc. in Biotechnology, an enthusiast and machine designer. Despite his young age, he has extensive experience in steel structures, mechanics and hydraulics. He pays great attention to detail.


Paweł Milewski

Production Manager

Pawel is a born leader, for 5 years in a managerial position he has accumulated the necessary knowledge to efficiently lead the Comaxel team through the challenges in every day’s work. His undoubted advantage is calmness and composure.

Barbara Kaźmierczak


Basia has been working at Comaxel for the last ten years and is our foreman. Basia has wide knowhow within the different processes and is very strong within proto type projects. Basia is responsible for our production.

Sebastian Murawski


Sebastian manages our team of employees with equity, a calm decisive character and meticulousness. He delegates tasks and controls their completion, from individual to group work securing orders are delivered in right quality on time. He supervises our facilities, equipment and machinery.

Our benefits


Comaxel shall be the chosen supplier, when new ideas shall be converted to new products. Comaxel shall be able to handle all services from first sketch till final product.


At Comaxel work shall be safe and accidents are not acceptable.
At Comaxel we help, respect and take care of each other.
At Comaxel we never rush. We respect quality and we always try to do our best.
At Comaxel helping and supporting our clients is part of our DNA.

First approach

At Comaxel we approach all new development work and projects with full commitment.

Bringing ideas to life, creating prototypes and shaping the first products for our clients is one of the main driver in our company.

So if we are able to help you with a new idea or you are looking for a producer of your composite parts please feel free to approach us any time.

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